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You’re here because you’re looking for the highest quality herbal incense Europe has to offer. Or, perhaps you’re here because you want to buy synthetic weed online in bulk. Or maybe you heard about our incredible deals on vape liquids and other legal highs and had to come check out the site. No matter what your motive is for visiting us today, we’re happy to have you with us. Flight AMS is Europe’s leading specialist Herbal Incense shop online.

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Shop only legal herbal incense for sale at our site. We abide by each European country’s restrictions.

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We offer free SAME DAY shipping to anywhere in Europe.

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We are the only specialist Herbal Incense and C-liquid / Vape Juice company on the Internet. Our products are original and unique.

Top-Selling Herbal Incense & Vape Liquids

You’ve found your home for the highest quality legal highs, fake weed, and legal high e-liquid for the lowest prices. Curious which herbal incenses and vape liquids are the most popular among the thousands of customers who buy herbal smoke blends online at Flight AMS? Read our customer reviews and check out the following top-selling legal high products.

New Products You’re Going to Love

K2 herbal incense. Spice legal high fake weed. Our research chemicals shop stocks the latest and best herbal incense Europe has to offer! Shop with peace of mind knowing that we only stock the safest and highest-rated products on the market. Buy herbal incense online in bulk and stock your supplies so that your customers can enjoy these new legal highs and herbal incense. You’re going to find some of the most popular smoking blends available, such as the Madhatter, Scooby Snax, and Bizarro in addition to our in-house varieties.

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Legal Highs and Herbal Incense in Europe News

Is Rome the new Amsterdam? Are psilocybin mushroom growing kits legal in your country? Is synthetic marijuana legal?

You can find the answers to questions on our blog! Here at Flight AMS, not only are you going to find the highest quality herbal incense for sale, but we also regularly publish the most important trending news topics in the counter culture scene. Read more about the legal high industry at our blog or check out one of the recent posts below.

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